Jewels - Timeless Treasures from Dupuis Auctions

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This 318-page hardcover book contains high-quality images of over 1,000 beautiful and noteworthy jewels, gems, and watches sold at Dupuis auctions. The treasures are organized into three sections:

1) Period Jewels — a chronological study of the development of jewellery styles; 

2) Important Gems — a consideration of notable gems

3) Biographies of Jewellers and Watchmakers — a reflection on the work of jewellery designers and watchmakers. 

Within each theme, the reader will find brief notes offering context for some of the objects chosen: for instance, an explanation for the popularity of Art Deco jewelry, a brief history of Tiffany & Co., or background to Burmese rubies. Every item is given a short description, including its auction result. For realism, we illustrated the articles in relative size to each other. At the same time, certain pieces have an additional enlargement to feature a different perspective of design or natural beauty. 

The content of this volume reflects the profound message that human beings can extract gems from the earth, and with diligence and skill, fashion them into objects of breathtaking artistry and beauty. In times of duress, it is altogether too easy to forget the natural beauty surrounding us and the boundless imagination and creativity of which human beings are capable. There are objects in these pages that many generations have treasured and handed down over decades and sometimes centuries. We take great pleasure in knowing that we have spent thirty-five years uniting jewels with new owners who will cherish them in turn.